Taylor Swift is not part of the cast of Wolverine and Deadpool

Taylor Swift

The upcoming superhero movie starring Wolverine and Deadpool will not star Taylor Swift.

It has been announced that Wolverine and Deadpool will not include Taylor Swift in their ensemble. Without a doubt, one of the year’s most anticipated films is the third installment of the beloved American superhero film Deadpool and Wolverine. For fans, Hugh Jackman’s return to X-Men alongside Deadpool was a dream come true.

The film is currently part of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU), well known for its unexpected cinematic moments. Similarly, fans had previously speculated that Taylor Swift could appear in the latest Deadpool movie; However, these rumors have since been debunked.

Taylor Swift is not a member of Wolverine and Deadpool.

Deadpool’s Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, as well as Shawn Levy, the film’s director, are friends of Swift. The singer’s involvement in the film began circulating when Reynolds and Hugh attended NFL games last October, and the Cardigan singer was there to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Swift, however, will not appear in the film, according to an Entertainment Weekly exclusive. With the release of the latest Deadpool poster on Monday, suspicions on the subject have been dispelled and now there are clarifications. Wade and Logan appeared on the bill wearing matching sports bracelets, a look commonly linked to Taylor Swift’s global Eras Tour.

“Dishonesty, plain and simple, is not at issue,” Ryan Reynolds said.

Both the actor and Canadian producer Levy have remained silent regarding the rumors surrounding the film. But in response to the rumors, the former said in an interview with Fandango in May that “pure dishonesty is not the plan.”

 Reynolds jokingly commented, “I saw a guy who was convinced Elvis was in the movie.” this cosmos since everything is possible. The core of Deadpool is surprises.

The release date for Deadpool and Wolverine is set for July 26, 2018.

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