Law Roach, Zendaya’s stylist, criticizes the “big 5” companies for their past rejections, saying, “If you say no, it won’t be forever.”

Law Roach

Zendaya’s longtime personal stylist, Law Roach, revealed that she was rejected by major designer brands early in her career on a recent episode of The Cutting Room Floor podcast with host Recho Omondi.

“No, try again next year,” was the response I received from Dior, Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Chanel when I wrote to them. It’s incredibly green.’” It’s very green. Our calendar doesn’t have that,” Roach recalled. “I still have all the receipts. Everything is still with me.

Except Valentino, has Zendaya rocked any of the “Big 5” on the carpets so far?

Fashion designers’ perceptions of clothing didn’t change until Zendaya rose to fame, making her Met Gala debut at age eighteen and landing her first American Vogue cover two years later. Law said his initial hesitation will always be remembered.

She hadn’t yet worn any of these designers when she arrived at American Vogue. He noted that he “hasn’t done it yet,” adding that the Dune actress only started wearing Valentino in public after reaching a major deal with the company in 2020.

When Omondi expressed surprise at this, Law Roach said that Zendaya hasn’t worn anything from any of these brands beyond editorial photos and won’t be wearing anything from them anytime soon because they rejected her so quickly in the first place.

She has yet to wear a Dior dress on a carpet. She hasn’t used Chanel on a rug yet. She hasn’t worn a Gucci rug yet: no print, no look: ever. Never, he declared. “This rang true for a long, long time when I told him, ‘If you say no, it’s a no forever,’ because his first public appearance wearing Valentino was when he was under contract.”

Why does Zendaya mostly wear vintage clothes?

Known for creating archival clothing for his clientele, Roach recently admitted in an interview with Vogue that when he and Zendaya started working together, he had to consult the archives out of “necessity” because few designers were willing to wear it.

in February. “Since I have a vintage store in Chicago and I like the vintage scene, a lot of the items she used were vintage or from my store.”

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