Diane Ford passes away at age 85 from cancer

Diane Ford

Diane Ford, mother of the late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, has died at the age of 85.

The Ford matriarch died Sunday at her Etobicoke home surrounded by her family, according to the premier’s office.

Ford was “an active member of his community who supported numerous charitable causes,” according to a written statement from Ford’s publicist, Ivana Yelich. He was the pillar of support for his family, especially his ten grandchildren, but above all.

Diane Ford, he said, had received a cancer diagnosis.

Yelich said Diane Ford’s family is grateful for the kindness shown by his caregivers, as well as the support shown in recent weeks.

Diane Ford was well known during her youngest son’s stormy years as mayor of Toronto, but had long been in the public eye thanks to her late husband Doug Sr.’s legislative service in the 1990s in Ontario.

While Rob Ford publicly struggled with addiction and substance abuse, she was a vocal advocate for him.

“My son breaks my heart. It’s true, because of his attacks,” she said in an exclusive interview in 2013 with local television station CP24.

He said that although he did not approve of his actions, he felt he had received unfair treatment.

This is unacceptable behavior. Although now he is more aware than anyone that he is the mayor of the city. We all make mistakes, but there is no forgiveness here because, as we know, human error is human and divine forgiveness is divine. Currently the media has a negative view of forgiveness, the speaker noted.

She also told interviewers that her son’s problem was not drug use, but his weight.

Diane Ford is back in the news in less than a year. This time, he donated tens of thousands of dollars to Humber River Hospital, where Rob Ford was receiving cancer treatment, along with other family members.

Diane Ford commented at the time: “After 42 years of having my children here and using emergency services…the doctors have been wonderful and this is our hospital.”

Then in 2018, Doug Ford used his mother’s house to launch his bid for governor. For a long time, the Ford Fest barbecue, open to the public, took place in the same house.

Members of Ford Nation, the horde of supporters who respect the family’s populist politics, began traveling especially for the occasion.

The celebration was moved to a much larger venue in later years because the number of attendees outgrew Ford’s backyard.

Additionally, Diane Ford watched her only daughter’s eldest son, Michael Ford, grow up to become a city politician. In the 2016 by-election caused by the death of his uncle Rob, he was elected as a city councilor for the first time.

He tweeted Sunday night about his grandmother’s death.

She wrote: “A very special angel just walked through the gates of heaven tonight.” “There are no words to express how much I will miss you. Grandma, I love you very much.

An outpouring of grief from politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also followed the death of Diane Ford.

He tweeted at the Prime Minister, saying: “Sorry to hear about your mother’s death.” “Sophie and I are thinking about you and your family tonight.”

Andrea Horwath, leader of the opposition in Ontario, also expressed her condolences.

The NDP leader said in a written statement: “The Ford family is in our hearts and minds as we mourn this deep loss.” “I hope the family finds comfort in the community and strength in each other. May the fond memories the Ford family has of Mrs. Ford help them get through this difficult time.”

On behalf of the city, Toronto Mayor John Tory, who defeated Doug Ford in the 2014 local election, sent his condolences.

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