Cannes Film Festival begins with The Second Act, and hints of controversy can be heard.

The Cannes Film Festival

When Quentin Dupieux’s The Second Act opened the Cannes Film Festival, rumors were circulating about a major exhibition of the French film industry.

The second act, directed by Quentin Dupieux, opened the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Compared to many prominent men in his field, French DJ-turned-filmmaker Dupieux is more than just prolific, having made 13 films since 2007, six of which have been released in the last four years alone. In addition, he wrote, directed, and edited each of them. He also composed music for several.

The movie within the plot of a movie may not be that original. A long conversation between two good friends, Willy (Raphel Quenare) and David (Louis Garrel), as they walk through a quiet rural area, talking about Florence (Lea Seydoux, who gives another extraordinary performance here). David hopes Willy will meet her and maybe start dating her.

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As the action unfolds, it becomes clear that the two men are actors in a movie, not just friends. The same goes for Florence and Guillaume, her father (Vincent Lindon). However, in the middle they want to discard the essay because they are not sure if it is worth it. Guillaume feels like he has won the lottery when his agency calls him to tell him that a famous director wants to hire him for his latest project.

I was reminded of François Truffaut’s unforgettable masterpiece, Day and Night, which is also a film within a film, from the Second Act. The premiere takes place in Cannes Film Festival . I was reminded of François Truffaut’s unforgettable masterpiece, Day and Night, which is also a film within a film, from the second act. The Cannes Film Festival premiere actually plays out like a wild parody of Day for Night, with Dupieux gleefully poking fun at the obscenely large egos of some of France’s most famous actors. However, it also incorporates other contemporary themes into its narrative, such as the #MeToo movement in the French industry, cancel culture and artificial intelligence (used to reduce costs). The Second Act, which intertwines themes such as panic attacks and ego trips experienced by some French celebrities, holds many more surprises and shocks for us. Seydoux plays a completely spoiled and insecure actress.

Dupieux’s Second Act is perhaps his best and most controversial work to date. Considering the current scandals surrounding the Festival, a Pandora’s box is sure to open.

“Last year, as you know, we had some controversy and we were aware of it, that is why this year we decided to organize a festival without controversy so that the main interest of all of us continues to be cinema,” said the director. of the festival, Thierry. Fremaux said during a recent discussion with the media. Therefore, we are not concerned about other controversies. He did not detail what he would do if pro-Palestinian demonstrations occurred. When asked about the possibility of the media reporting more on sexual abuse in the French film industry, he said:

The debate comes after weeks of rumors about the possibility of a media outlet soon publishing a major investigation into sexual abuse in the French audiovisual sector.

Iris Knobloch, president of the Festival, said last week that the allegations will be “studied on a case-by-case basis” as they arise in comments to Paris Match.

Before the closing of the Festival, scheduled for May 25, we will surely experience truly exciting opportunities.

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